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Frequently I ask people,
"How do you clean your barbecue grate?"
These are just some of the answers to my query;

...with a crunched up piece of aluminum foil.
...with an onion.
...after its cooled down, with a Scotchbrite kitchen sponge and detergent.
...with a two by four that has a groove in it.
...with a roof shingle shake.
...I don't clean the grate 'cause it enhances the taste each time I barbecue.
...Simple Green.
...with a brass bristle brush which wears out at the tip and doesn't clean that well cause it's always gunky. I, probably go through two or three brushes a year.
...I scrape each wire with a knife. (There are twenty to thirty wires in a barbecue grate).
...by hand, using a brass scouring pad.
...I have the new fangled porcelain grates and I buy a new set of grates every year cause the brass bristle brushes don't work that well and the grates become really crudy after a while.
...with a steel wire paint scraping brush

Have I made my point? There hasn't been (until now) an easy, efficient, cost effective, "no hassle" way to clean a barbecue grate, which is why I invented the Grill Wizard barbecue grill brush, or grill cleaner.
Take a look at the
brush and see for yourself why There is no better way to clean your barbecue grate than with a Grill Wizard Barbecue Grill Brush.

More information can be obtained by email at the following address (PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR GRILL/ GRATE TYPE AND ZIP CODE): rgmfg@grillwizard.com

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